Terms and Conditions

In these SERVICES terms and conditions ("Conditions") the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings: the Customer, you, your: means you, the customer, who buys the Services from Anytime Removals; Anytime Removals, Us, Our and We: means Anytime Removals Limited; the Services: means the Services provided by Anytime Removals to the Customer; and the website: means the website WWW.ANYTIMEREMOVALS.UK


1. General

1. These Conditions shall apply to all bookings and contracts for the provision of the Services by Anytime Removals to the Customer. All bookings for the Services shall be deemed to be an offer by the Customer to purchase the Services in accordance with these Conditions. Any variations to these Conditions must be in writing, otherwise they will not be binding on either party.
2. The acceptance of bookings for the Services shall be at the absolute discretion of Anytime Removals. Our acceptance of a booking occurs when you receive an on-screen message confirming your booking, at which point, your contract with Anytime Removals is made and up until this point, We may decline to provide You with the Services without giving any reason.
3. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure the driver(s) are punctual, you will understand that we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances out of our control, every effort will be made by ‘The Company’ to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrive on time, we will not issue any discount where the vehicle is less than 2 hours late. Over 2 hours at our discretion.
4. Where a vehicle has been issued with a parking fine due to the loading or unloading of goods the customer will be held responsible and this will be charged separately.
5. The driver(s) will drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.
6. We reserve the right to provide vendor vehicles where necessary.
7. In the event you supply us with your email address, you permit Us to contact you via email. We undertake never to pass your email address to any third party.
8. it is the customers responsibility to check the booking confirmation email to ensure that all details, including any extras such as stairs, congestion charge etc have been listed separately and payment has been taken. Please see clause 2(7) below.
9. If there are any changes or variations including extra mileage other than was agreed at the time of booking, the client will be charged extra in accordance with the pricing structure.
10. We reserve the right to change your vehicle at any time if necessary.
11. Our vehicle(s) will utilise the most appropriate route on the day, unless instructed otherwise by the You at the time of booking.
12. Our vehicle(s) and any vendor vehicles shall be fully insured for passenger and third party claims.
13. We will will keep a record of any lost property, and shall make reasonable efforts to return to You, any lost goods left in a vehicle.
14. We reserve the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat either to the driver, the vehicle or any other passenger(s).
15. Anytime Removals maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.
16. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions can affect the Customer’ s statutory rights.

2. Prices and Payment

1. All prices, other than corporate account shall be based on the current published rate.
2. It is a condition of this agreement that invoices shall be paid in full within 14 days of issue thereof. If any invoices remain unpaid on or after 14 days such outstanding invoices shall immediately become due and payable to avoid interruption of services.
3. Without prejudice to the Company's rights hereunder all monies due to the company in respect of provision of the Services which are not paid by the due date for payment shall bear interest on the balance of such monies due from time to time at the rate of 3% per month until payment is received by the Company in respect thereof.
4. The Customer shall not be entitled for any reason to withhold payment of monies due to the Company and in particular shall not be entitled to do so in circumstances where the Customer is in dispute with the Company and / or claims money or compensation from the Company in respect of the Services.
5. Credit card payment terms are strictly 48 hours prior to departure.
6. Your booking may be subject to additional mileage, transit, floor, out of hours, congestion and parking charges, where these have not been taken at the time of booking. The company retains the right to automatically charge debit and credit cards to collect extra payments as listed above after the job is completed.
7. The charges payable by the Customer for the Services shall be at the rate specified in the Company's schedule of charges as in force at time of reservation.

8. Paying for the removal.

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing and the service is not a 'man and van' booking (where the job is billed by the hour) :
a) Payment may be made by cash, Bacs, credit card and or debit card. In all cases we require cleared funds in our bank account, prior to removal of the goods.
b) You may not withhold any part of the agreed price.

3. Changes to your Booking

If you wish to cancel, amend or comment on your booking, please telephone our office, details of which will be included in the confirmation email sent to you upon making your booking. If you amend your booking, the price charged will be the price for the amended booking. If you paid by Credit card the price difference will need to be paid separately to us or any refund would need to be processed by our Customer Services team who can be contacted here. Please note that as promotions (clause 12) are only available for limited periods, any changes to your confirmed booking may mean the promotions are no longer available.

4. Our responsibility

It will be our responsibility to deliver or produce your goods to you undamaged. This means that we will deliver or produce the goods to you in the condition they were in at the time of packing or made ready for transportation.

5. Your responsibility

It will be your own responsibility (and, where relevant, expense) to:

1. Declare to us valuations of all goods being removed. The value to be used is the current value (not a new for old value).
2. Insure the goods submitted for removal against all insurable risks where you do not wish to accept 'Inclusive Cover'.
3. Obtain all paperwork (licences, permits, etc.) necessary for the removal to be completed.
4. Be yourself present or represented throughout the whole removal.
5. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is left behind or taken away in error.
6. Arrange protection for goods left in unattended premises or where other people not bound by these terms and conditions will be present.
7. Prepare and stabilise all electric equipment prior to its removal.
8. Empty, defrost completely and clean refrigerators and freezers. We are not responsible for the contents.
9. Provide us with a correspondence address. Other than by reason of our own negligence, we will not be held liable for costs that may arise from any of the above.


6. Delivery

1. We will aim to provide you with your booked Services as close as possible to your requested pick up time.
2. The Customer agrees to accept provision of the Services at the agreed time and place of pick up.
3. If you have chosen for the Services to be delivered, Anytime Removals will deliver the order to the main entrance of the delivery address but any deliveries carried into the delivery address will only be made if the driver and you consent to this. If you are not present to take delivery of the goods at the address given in your order, then We will not refund you the price for your order and will charge you for the full amount of your order.
4. Services are subject to availability. If any of Our Services are not available, We may offer you a reasonable substitute of equivalent quality and price or We may call you to tell you that the booked Service(s) are not available and to ask you if you would like to order something else. This may affect the price you pay.


7. Non submission of certain goods for removals.

The following items are excluded from this contract:

1. Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind.
2. Items which have potential to damage, explode or be dangerous including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.
3. Prohibited or stolen goods.
4. Drugs.
5. Plants or goods, which may be likely to encourage vermin, pests, or cause infestation.
6. Food or drink, which is refrigerated or frozen.

7. Any pets or animals (including, but not limited to reptiles, fish and birds) whether in cage, tank or animal carrier.
8. Goods which require government permission or licence for export or import.


8. Route and method.

1. We have the right to choose the route for delivery.
2. Unless it has been specifically agreed in writing on our quotation, customers may share space with other consignments on our vehicles.


9. Transit delays.

1. We will not liable for delays in transit other than by reason of our own negligence.
2. If we are unable to deliver your goods through no fault of our own, we will take them into storage. At this point the contract will be fulfilled. Any additional service(s), including storage and delivery, will be at your further expense.
3. Pursuant to (clause 9(2)) the storage charge ("storage") for each night shall be £75 in addition to the hourly rate agreed to rearrange for the delivery of your goods. Should you chose to pick up your goods, a mandatory administrative fee of £30 in addition to storage shall apply.


10. Oral Statements

The Customer agrees that, in the event of any conflict, written information about the Services supplied by Us shall prevail over any oral statements made by Us or by Our employees or agents. We shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that its written information about the Services is accurate.


11. Initial deposit

A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking for all jobs whose anticipated value is less than £250 . Where the value exceeds £250, a 50% deposit is required and this deposit should be cleared funds in our bank account 7 days before the removal date.


12. Promotions

From time to time, our Services may be subject to special offers. Any special offers shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions which will prevail if there is inconsistency between the terms of the special offer and these Terms. We may change the terms of special offers or withdraw them at our discretion but We will honour any order placed by you before the offer is withdrawn subject always to manifest technical errors.

All deals are valid within the promotional period, are subject to change or withdrawal and are not valid in conjunction with other offers, unless otherwise stated.


13. Our liability for loss or damage

Where you produce to us an itemised valued inventory (as set out in clause 5(1)) our liability to you with respect to our breaching clause 4 will be determined by clause 17 below. Where we are not provided with a valued inventory or you request us not to accept 'Inclusive Cover' liability then our liability is as set out below:

1. If we are liable, we will pay up to a maximum sum of £50 for each item which is lost or damaged due to our negligence or breach of contract.
2. We may repair or replace an item that is damaged. However, if an item is repaired we will not be held liable for depreciation in value.
3. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to produce the goods if caused by fire or explosion unless caused by our negligence or breach of contract.


14. Limitation of Liability

We will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to produce the goods if caused by

1. Fire or explosion unless caused by our negligence or breach of contract.
2. War, hostilities, terrorism, Act of God, industrial action or other such events outside our reasonable control.
3. Normal wear and tear or deterioration, leakage or evaporation or from unstable or perishable goods.
4. Infestation by moth, vermin or anything similar.
5. Cleaning, repairing or restoring goods, unless undertaken by ourselves.
6. Goods not both packed and unpacked by us, including those in wardrobes, drawers, or appliances, or in a package, bundle, case or other container.
7. Electrical / mechanical faults to any appliance or mechanical instrument, unless there is evidence of external impact.
8. To jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind, unless we have confirmed in writing that we accept responsibility and you have given us description and value of those articles.
9. Any goods already proven defective or goods which are inherently defective.
10. To pets or animals (including reptiles, fish and birds) whether in cage, tank or animal carrier.
11. Plants.
12. To refrigerated or frozen food or drink.

We will not be liable for any damages or costs occurred as a result of loss, damage or failure to produce the goods, other than by reason of our negligence.

No employee of Ours shall be separately liable to you for any loss, damage, mis-delivery, errors or omissions.


15. Cancellation and refund policy

1. If a booking is cancelled by the Customer within 72 hours from the start of the period of hire;

Card/Cash Bookings – 50% of total value of the booking will be due.

Corporate Account – 50% of total value of the booking will be invoiced.

2. If a booking is cancelled by the Customer within 24 hours from the start of the period of hire;

Card/Cash Bookings – 75% of total value of the booking will be due

Corporate Account – 75% of total value of the booking will be invoiced.

3. If a booking is cancelled by the Customer within 8 hours from the start of the period of hire;

Card/Cash Bookings – 100% of all monies paid will be due.

Corporate Account –100% of the value of the booking will be invoiced.

4. If the customer does not appear at the time and place designated as the pickup point, all monies paid will be non-refundable and / or full invoice amount will be billed.


16. Ownership

You declare, upon acceptance of this contract, that:

1. all goods to be removed are your own property or,
2. you have been given the authority to make this contract by the person(s) who own or have an interest in the goods and that they have been made aware of these conditions.
You will meet any claims for damages and / or costs against us if these statements are not true.


17. Inclusive cover

In the event that you accept the 'Inclusive Cover' by providing to us an itemised valued inventory (clause 4(1)) then our liability to you through our breach of clause 3 shall be as follows subject to a maximum liability of £25,000:

1. In the event of loss or damage to your goods our liability will be determined by the cost of repair or replacement taking into account the age and condition at the time such loss or damage was incurred.
2. It shall be your responsibility to determine whether the 'Inclusive Cover' provided is sufficient to cover your goods and risks to them.


18. Alterations to the conditions

We reserve the right to alter or vary these conditions at Our absolute discretion upon giving reasonable notice to the Customer and without prejudice. No representations made or variations in or additions to these conditions or warranty given by any person acting or purporting to act on behalf of the Company shall have any force or effect whatsoever unless confirmed in writing by an authorised representative of Anytime Removals.


19. Law

Any contract to which these Conditions apply (and these Conditions) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Anytime Removals and the Customer submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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